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What started as an idea around a braai on a Saturday afternoon, has materialised into an organisation that is going to make a difference. Wildlife and conservation have been integral to South Africa’s heritage and identity, but slowly and in some cases rapidly, are being damaged, hurt, and face the real possibility of never being seen again.


With a passion for wildlife and conservation, several questions were raised:

What can we do?

   “How can we help?

       “Will future generations ever be able to see this?

                      “Is this the legacy that we are going to leave behind?

 Through the combined skills of Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, and Higher Education, the team joined forces to create something that can make a difference. 

By exploring and connecting our vast networks of individuals, companies, and resources, Give It Horns plans to assist in projects, campaigns, and initiatives to help maintain and protect the wildlife and ecosystems in our beautiful country.Give it Horns will also assist in training and education projects around Wildlife in South Africa. 

Give It Horns wants to encourage ordinary people and responsible corporates to move from talking to acting – collaboratively.

Often, caring and motivated people want to do something but do not know where to start – we help to direct resources and actions to the correct places.  

The people behind these drives and initiatives also need our assistance, so being able to assist them is a fundamental focus.

They spend countless hours, days and weeks protecting our wildlife and don’t have a voice to be heard, and their families sacrifice too, and because without them, there will be nothing.


GIVE IT HORNS – “A cry of encouragement meaning 

                ‘Don’t Hold back!’ ‘Be Ruthless!’ ‘Make me Proud!’ ”
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